This is the official site for the swedish entomological society – Sveriges Entomologiska Förening (SEF). SEF is the national head organisation for the entomological organisations of Sweden. Eleven organisations are members at present. The primary purposes of SEF is to publish Entomologisk tidskrift, one of the oldest entomological journals of the world, and to stimulate the interest for entomology in Sweden.

SEF invites to national and international congresses, for example the annual swedish entomological meeting. SEF has also  an important task in participating in environmental and protectional issues in cooperation with swedish authorities.

To be a member of SEF you join one of the local organisations. You subscribe seprately to Entomologisk tidskrift and – how to subscribe to ET.

Similarly you subscribe separately to Yrfän – how to subscribe to Yrfärn.

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Chairman Linda Strand Kamrersgatan 3
253 54 Mörarp
070-317 59 36
Treasurer Östen Gardfjäll Skiftesvägen 5A
854 63 Sundsvall
070-317 76 20
Secretary Ruth Hobro Torpa Hammarsgårdsvägen 19
749 50 Ekolsund
073-229 40 85
Vice chairman Thomas Persson Vinnersten Herrgårdsvägen 8
756 51 Uppsala
073-763 73 13
Board member Thomas Harry Flintabacken 9A
653 32 Kvicksund
021-39 70 41
Board member Monika Sunhede Torpavägen 62
59146 Motala
073-140 80 55
Board member Peter Nielsen Batterigatan 7D
415 01 Göteborg
 070-240 21 56

Editor and Subscribing office, Entomologisk Tidskrift
Mats Jonsell (Editing director)
Department of Entomology, SLU
Box 7044, 750 07 Uppsala
Tel: +4618-67 28 76, (home) +4618-55 10 45

Editor Yrfän (popular scientific magazine)
Magnus Bjelkefelt (Editing director)
Tel: +4670-291 17 72

Subscribing office Yrfän
Thomas Persson Vinnersten
Tel: +4673-763 73 13

Web editor (
Thomas Harry